Our story

Even though nature has been producing natural spring water since–forever–it took us a while to discover and begin bottling the evian natural spring water we all enjoy today.

Photo credit: Hervé Schmelzle


Where we came from

Let’s take a look back to where it all began: 1789 to be exact. This wasn’t just any year, it was the most important year in evian water history: the year our natural spring water source was discovered by a local French nobleman, the Marquis de Lessert, in the town of Évian-les-Bains. While out on a walk, he got thirsty and drank from what turned out to be far more than any ordinary spring. The Marquis found this particular water to be so ‘light and easily drinkable’ that he started drinking it regularly.


Spa beginnings

Word got out and the spring became so popular that Monsieur Cachat began selling bottles of its water to the local community. Soon after, people wanted more than to just drink the water, they wanted to be fully immersed in it. Can you blame them? In 1806, the first thermal spa opened, followed in 1826 by the first bottling facility. The town became a popular, fashionable destination for visitors from all over Europe and beyond. Ever since, our water has become synonymous with health, hydration, and a humble town in the French Alps.

Photo credit: Hervé Schmelzle



Keeping with our passion for pioneering, Danone Waters of America became the first to import a premium natural spring water brand–evian–in the US and Canada in 1978, but we didn’t stop there.


B Corp™

And speaking of certifications to be proud of, Danone Waters of America was officially certified as a B Corp™ in 2019. Becoming a B Corp™ represents our commitment to meeting high standards of social and environmental impact, transparency and accountability. To learn more, visit our B Corp™ profile here.

We’re also proud to be the #1 premium natural spring water worldwide*, sold in more than 140 different countries!

Follow the journey of every drop at evianexperience.com

* GlobalData, evian, Leading Global Premium Non-Carbonated Mineral Water Official Brand Certification, 2018

Where we’re going

As a company, we take a lot of pride in our history and how widely enjoyed our products have become, and we believe in living with a sense of purpose. We’re passionate about what’s happening in the world beyond the French Alps and how we can play a part in it. From our pledge to become a completely circular brand to exciting designer collaborations, we’re always thirsty for fresh challenges and creating progressive new solutions to benefit future generations.

Though we may be young at heart, we’re still 230 years old, and we need fresh perspectives to maintain that youthful glow. It’s partnerships with relevant talent in the worlds of fashion, sports, and sustainability, like Maria Sharapova and Virgil Abloh–our Creative Advisor for Sustainable Innovation Design–that help us do just that. They help us look at everything through fresh eyes and stay tuned in to the ever-changing needs of the world and its people.