Capturing the real, authentic essence of evian natural spring water, "Drink True" is a celebration of audacious genuineness and honesty, inviting people to be daring and to be their true selves, as the two icons demonstrate in the film. In the playful new content, Emma introduces Dua to her passion for tennis – patiently coaching Dua on grip, technique and that all-important forehand before the pair are seen taking a break from training and hydrating with evian water as they prepare for more rallies.

Drink True

evian brings together music and sports icons Dua Lipa and Emma Raducanu with a goal of inspiring others to be the most honest and true version of themselves.

Dua Lipa was announced as our new global ambassador in July 2020. Dua is frequently the biggest female online streaming artist in the world and is currently the fourth biggest artist overall with over 60 million monthly listeners. Dua Lipa’s iconic music and raw talent make her the perfect match for our uniquely-sourced evian natural spring water. With her equal enthusiasm for a sustainable future, we are excited to have her on board as we move towards our goal of becoming circular in 2025.


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